Is the Law of Attraction Selfish and Hedonistic?

When someone asks you, what is it that you believe in? What is the Law of Attraction? Do you really believe that whatever you think will appear? Is it possible for you answer these questions in a few words? Yes.

Isn’t the Law of Attraction Selfish and Hedonistic?

Isn’t life selfish and hedonistic? Yes it is. Life is meant to be joyful. Now, this does not mean that you are to live a solitary life in a great castle on a mountain top. Most humans derive a great deal of pleasure from happy families. There is nothing selfish about being part of a happy family. Happy families are work, but very satisfying work.

There is nothing wrong with hedonism. Christianity sometimes attacks hedonism as being the opposite of martyrdom. Well, yes it seems to be, but how can you know what was in the heart of those martyrs? You can only guess. You can only know for sure what is in your own heart.

When you are living in joy, you generally make those around you happy as well. You see, being in joy expressed externally after it is experienced, but if done honorably, it does not take away anything from those around you. Your relationship with Source is a boon to those around you.In contrast, how do you feel when you are near a martyr? Pretty lousy you will answer if you have ever lived with a martyr or been friends with a martyr. What is the unspoken lesson of a martyr? —

“You owe me. I am being unselfish and giving, so you owe me either adoration or reciprocation or both.”

This person has not bothered to seek a relationship with Source and seeks to gain joy from your work to align with Source. — Now, is that selfish or unselfish?

You don’t owe anyone anything, except your children and only then because you brought them into the world. With anyone else, if giving makes you happy, then give. If moving away from the martyr makes you happy, then move away.

What if Your Success Hurts Someone Else?

Wallace Wattles warns us against competition. He assures us that when we manifest our success rather than beating someone else, we will not be hurting anyone else. The world is not a zero-sum experience.

So, how do we explain the global warming which has come from all the success and the toys that have been manifested by those in vibration with success? Doesn’t this hurt many others, if not us all?

Life provides contrast. Someone might be reacting to the global warming, and being inspired to find a new source of energy. Without the difficulties of this oil energy, we wouldn’t need to find a new energy.

In the past, horses provided great transportation, but they left their mess on the ground. Some deliberate creators learned how to use oil in their lamps, and then how to use it with a mass of iron to make an iron horse that didn’t leave so much mess on the ground. This worked well for a while. Now, we discover that oil leaves its mess in the atmosphere and we need a new source of energy.

To answer the original question, what do we believe in? When we are looking for reasons to feel good, we will let clarity and abundance in.

There is nothing wrong with this. There is nothing in this that will hurt anyone else.

5 Law of Attraction Hurdles and Obstacles to Overcome

There are 5 basic hurdles and obstacles to be aware of when working with the law of attraction. These hurdles can stop you dead in your tracks and leave you wondering where you went wrong with no idea what happened if your not aware of them and if you don’t work to overcome them. Though simple in concept to understand and over come, they do take time and practice to fix and work with.

1. Emotional addictions are the first hurdle you should be made aware of. Each of us has habituated specific emotional addictions. Yes, you are addicted to emotions. Understanding that you are addicted to emotions allows you to begin to recognize how you create and attract specific situations in your life in order to sustain that emotional addiction. This begins to allow you to start developing emotional addictions for positive emotions in order to speed up and utilize the law of attraction better.

2. Infinite wheel spinning. You get what you focus on and you focus on what you get. This is just one of the infinite wheel spinning loops that can catch you up when working with the law of attraction. These loops often happen without our even knowing it or realizing that it happens. Becoming aware of these loops and being able to recognize them allows you to cut them off before they stop you up.

3. Cause and effect. We all learned about the universal law of cause and effect in elementary school. That every action creates something else to happen. If you forget to put gas in your car while it is on e, the effect of that cause is running out of gas. The effect of running out of gas is having to call someone to come and get you or having to walk to a gas station. Cause and effect are always happening for every thing and every effect is the cause of another effect. By understanding the universal law of cause and effect and developing the ability to see how it works, you can begin to utilize this universal law in order to manifest and attract what you want.

4. Your thoughts and your actions are not you. Each of us has millions of thoughts a day. None of those thoughts define who you are any more than a mole on your back does. Many people relate who they are as a person to their thoughts and their actions. Though our thoughts and our actions do offer incites into who we are, they are not who we are. This is why people fear failure so much and seek success. They cling to their failure as though they are a failure if something in their life fails, and cling to success as though that makes them a success. These pieces of our life are not who we are, but are actions we take. Our thoughts are nothing more than the minds way of reacting to the world. You are much, much more than your thoughts and your actions.

5. You cannot think, speak, or do anything outside of who you are. Most people work with the law of attraction and never come to the realization that who you are dictates what you will manifest. If you are not already a millionaire, or a lover, or anything else you want in your life at heart, you will never think like one and there for never attract to you situations, people, and resources that will allow you to manifest those things in your life. First work on your level of being, then you can attract and manifest what you want in your life.

These are natural obstacles that all of us must come to terms with in order to manifest and attract in our lives at a level we truly want to attract at. Take the time to study these hurdles and overcome them. Get educated about these hurdles because your ability to manifest and attract based on the law of attraction in your life is directly related to your ability to get past these hurdles

The 3 Components of The Law of Attraction, One of The Great Forgotten Laws

The law of attraction is one of the great “forgotten laws” that exists in our world.  It is a forgotten law because even though it has always been laying right there, in the open, for anyone to pick up and use.  The fact is most people have been exposed to it at some time or another but refuse to believe that anything so simple can actually work and have such a profound effect in the world.

In this article we will describe the law of attraction, what it is and how it manifests.  Next we will talk about the three components of it, the three parts that work as one action to actively attract things you want into your life.  Finally we will discuss what happens if you don’t actively manage the law in your life.

Law of Attraction Example

The law of attraction says that things that you think about most of the time will be attracted to you.  As a simple example, do you suppose that Einstein would have had his great accomplishments in physics had it not been in the forefront of his thinking most of the time.  Einstein didn’t just stumble on the great principal he uncovered but he prepared his mind and could see what he wanted to accomplish, he pondered the thoughts that resulted from this mental groundwork, and he to action by actively working with the ideas.

The 3 Components of The Law Of Attraction

Three things must exist to put the law of attraction to work.

  1. A sensory rich vision of your outcome
  2. Collect the thoughts and ideas as you ponder this thing, this outcome that you seek.
  3. Action  toward the outcome based on the ideas that you spin out in step 2.

And this is it.  Doctor Wayne Dyer says this about step 1:

You’ll see it when you believe it.

This turns the old doubters creed around.  Those who will stay stuck where they are always say, I’ll believe it when I see it.  This attitude will not inspire one to action but keeps you sitting on your butt while someone else has great achievement. 

Sitting on your butt is what can happen if you just let the law of attraction work in your life but know nothing of it.  It will  work in a haphazard way that matches what is going on in your mind and spirit.  Learn to direct your thoughts toward the things you want.  This will begin to head both yourself and the law of attraction to a more suitable life for yourself.

Perhaps you’ll work in their factory and complain about the tedious work.  No you must see and believe it first.  Seeing the outcome give you the ideas or steps to achieve it, and then it is up to you to act and “advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.”

Applying the Law of Attraction: Focus On Your Emotional Grid

After 17 seconds of holding a thought, the Law of Attraction is activated. You then begin attracting the essence of what you are thinking about. This is the starting point of your emotional grid.

If you hold that thought for at least 68 seconds, there will be enough momentum to create a substantial grid to attract other, specific thoughts that merge with your beginning point of attraction.

As of this writing, the emotional grid is the most recent analogy taught by Abraham (a group of non-physical beings, as presented by Esther Hicks), to help us understand who we are, how we fit into the bigger picture of things and how we can create the life we want.

They teach that the grid is vibrational in nature and the basis of your attraction. It is the foundation and framework for your manifestations. Once you establish an emotional basis, your grid will fill in with all kinds of things that match your vibration.

Personally, the emotional grid analogy resonates strongly with me because as a visual person, I am able to clearly visualize it in my mind. I simply picture a black and white grid (my daughter imagines a green sort of computer/matrix-like grid), then begin filling in the squares with emotions I want to experience about a subject. As I focus on those feelings, I imagine the grid beginning to fill in with colorful details by the Universe.

Everything you think about makes a grid. If you want your grid to fill in with positive stuff then choose to focus on things that make you feel good. If you have opposing thoughts about a subject, you could have two different grids filling in at the same time. The one that you focus on the most will fill in the fastest, and you will begin to see evidence in the form of manifestations, good or bad.

To begin building a grid, choose a subject. It could be money, a relationship, a job, anything that you want to deliberately focus on. If you were to write your grids down in a notebook, it would enhance the process, but is not necessary.

Next, establish your emotional starting point. How do you want to feel? If your subject is about money, perhaps you can start with the word ease. “I want to feel financial ease.” “I like feeling easy about money.”

It is best to keep your words general at the beginning of building your grid because there is less resistance, and it is enough to get the momentum going. As you focus your attention on your chosen starting point, more good feeling-thoughts will flow to you.

Avoid trying to fill in your grid with specifics; that is not your job. Keep your focus on how you want to feel and let the Universe fill in the details. The Universe can manage things much better than you and will open avenues and opportunities that matches the vibration you are offering.

As you harmonize with your grid, you will feel a vibrational shift, evidence will starting showing up, and your grid will continue filling in with vivid detail until it eventually manifests.

In the mean time, let go of caring about the manifestations. You will trip your self up if you let your attention drift to what you see. Instead, relax and trust in the power of the Universe. Use meditation to quiet your mind and allow yourself to feel easy about it. Keep your focus on how you want to feel.

The Universe responds to the vibration of your emotions. Doing grid work gives you excellent practice to keep your thoughts in a good feeling place. Not only will you be feeling good nearly all of the time, but you will find your dream life finally becoming your reality.

How to Apply the Law of Attraction on the Best Bingo Sites

Some people appear to be luckier than others for no apparent reason, but in the same way as money makes money you could say that luck breeds luck. One easy way to apply luck is in the comfort of your own home playing online bingo on the best bingo sites, which you can even do for free for practice first. But before you try this think about why luck attracts luck. Very simply the lucky people are so used to being lucky more than others that it is a normal part of their thought process to expect and therefore manifest more luck. Some lucky people have it down to a fine art and use it in various situations like bingo sites.

The simple explanation which is integral expectation and inclusion in their normal thought patterns can also overlap or be described as the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction has varying definitions but essentially it says that you will attract everything into your life which you think about, which means that the more dominant thought patterns win out. Therefore if you have a tendency to worry this will become a dominant thought pattern eventually attracting more things for you to continue to worry about! Understanding the basis of the Law of Attraction offers a wonderful opportunity to change repetitive cycles in your life that are unwanted plus if you practice you can be winning money on the best bingo sites.

Even as you are reading this article the Law of Attraction is working whether you believe in the possibility or not, even if you do not play bingo and are not curious to try out the principle on the bingo sites. You are an attraction magnet, sounds funny but it is true. Every waking moment of every day you are attracting situations, people, jobs, money, lack of money, lack of jobs etc. Even if you feel cynical it is still working away!

So how can you convert this into something useful? At the beginning you do not have to believe in the Law of Attraction, it is enough to accept only the possibility. Choose a situation that you wish to have a positive outcome or go onto one of the best bingo sites and try it out there. The first step is to Ask. Ask to get the result you want. That part is the easier part but the next part is knowing that you have been answered with a Yes and then allowing it to happen. In words it sounds simple, but allowing means being in a state where you are truly clear about your desire with no conflicting thoughts running around your mind.

You need also to be detached and unemotional about it. One way that can be helpful to achieve this state is to believe that whatever you desire is your friend. So for example if you want to have more money you need to adjust and truly feel, not just think sometimes, that money is your friend. A friend who will not let you down and will always be there for you. Take time to let these new feelings settle down and then go and try it out on the best bingo sites and see what happens.