Destiny, the Law of Attraction and Michael Phelps

Did the Law of Attraction help Michael Phelps win the Olympic Gold, or was it destiny?

On August 15th, 2008 I watched Michael Phelps win the gold medal for the 100-meter butterfly in the 2008 Olympics, beating out Serbia’s Milorad Cavic by only 0.01 second. Phelps won by continuing to stroke until he touched the wall while Cavic glided to the wall. Taking the extra half-stroke is what won Phelps the gold.

That’s a lesson in itself, of course, to continue to take action until you literally touch your goal, but I was pleasantly surprised when later, one of the sports announcers commented on just how short that time was by comparing it to a pencil: the distance that Phelps won by is the length of a pencil eraser and the metal part that holds it in place. Then he said, “Tell me that’s not destiny.”

I agree. One can say that it was in his higher self’s plan to win that gold (and he certainly did everything within his bodily power to align with that plan). Aligning with your soul’s plan (your destiny) is what I understand has the Law of Attraction work.

Let me explain. Your higher self and your personality self (sometimes referred to as your “ego”) sometimes appear to have different goals for your life. Your soul’s primary purpose is to learn and to grow the most it can by experiencing things firsthand, not necessarily to “get what you want” or to take the easiest way out. But if you can align with your higher self (by developing a real relationship with it and following through on its guidance consistently), you will find that you will get what you need in order to fulfill your plan.

When you reconnect with your higher self, you are reconnecting to the energy of your potential, the original plan for your success. Connecting with your higher self is also the best, most reliable way to experience more creative flow in your life–that often elusive magical state experienced by athletes (such as Phelps) and artists where everything seems to go perfectly. In short, when you connect, amazing things begin to happen in your life.

So was it the Law of Attraction or destiny that had Michael Phelps win that gold? I would say the Law of Attraction and destiny are one and the same. And when you align with your higher self’s plan (your destiny), the Law of Attraction begins to work in your life.

How to Attract a Specific Person Using Law of Attraction

How to Attract a Specific Person

One of the most often asked questions is “Can you attract a specific person using the law of attraction?” The good news is Yes you can absolutely attract a specific person in your life in a relationship you choose and with success.

Love is the most important emotion of all in this entire universe. When it comes to money, jobs, and so many other things people don’t really have that much difficulty in manifesting. In matters of the heart if you don’t get what you want the pain is maximum. The one you love, that specific person, is the most important person for you, and even the entire world cannot substitute for that person. Now I have absolutely great news for you today. Yes, you can attract that specific person you are in love with. So today allow yourself to be absolutely elated and just follow the procedure below.

Desire and Desperation – You need to let go of the desperation

While desire is a sacred energy, an energy of creation, desperation is just the opposite, a destructive energy. When desire is unfulfilled the void is taken over by desperation. While desire is a pure and good energy, desperation is a powerful negative energy. Desire creates those vibes in you to attract, desperation creates just the opposite vibes, to repel. When you fell in love with that special person, the sacred seed of desire was sown in you. Due to whatever reasons when that desire was unfulfilled desperation crept in. So the first step is remove that desperation. Clear all desperation.

How to clear desperation?

The easiest way to clear desperation is to let go. Surrender to the light of divine love of the Universe. Imagine a beautiful light of divine love, a pure radiant love light. Just surrender to that beautiful sparkling light. That light created you, gave you everything that you possess, and that light simply loves you, no matter what you have done so far. That light is forgiving, 100% pure love and powerful enough to create a beautiful reality beyond your wildest imagination. When you fell in love that light was silently telling you what to do, only if you listened. So let go of everything, surrender and start anew. Today submit yourself to that divine light and affirm to yourself you let go, you surrender and you allow that Divine Light to create a bright future, a bright love life for you. You accept the divine will because the divine will make your life far happier than you can imagine.

Once you do this you let go of any attachment to the result. Now the fun part begins.

Creating a beautiful love life

Once you have let go of any attachment to that person, you have given a very powerful and strong signal to the Universe you are now ready for love in your life. If previously your love was one sided now it’s time to create a both sided relationship. You are a super hero in your theater of the mind. Your movie is in your mind and your movie creates your reality. You have 100% control over your imagination and use this wisely to create a reality of your choice.

Now now simply imagine your loved one in love with you. “Your loved one loves you”, your desire is fulfilled. How does it feel? Say to yourself as an affirmation 1000’s of times “_______ loves me” See what happens in the next 5-7 days. See the shift in energy. Notice how you would feel. Visualize your lover is in love with you. Keep a tab on the feelings. How does it feel? Go lucid in your mind as you make love to your lover. How does it feel?

If you do the above stop properly you will realize and laugh at yourself, what was I so desperate for? And once you have done it well, your world opens up. You feel more powerful. If you do this properly you will feel like a winner and your world of choices opens you. You will definitely wonder what the big deal about this person that I was putting so much energy on? Why didn’t I just let go before?

Sending Love

While the above techniques were to get you out of your pit of desperate feelings and make you feel like a winner so that positive thoughts and feelings came and made you realize whether you wanted that person because of love or because you wanted to satisfy your ego. In many cases the desperation to get back isn’t because of love but because of a sense of conquest. So now you know in your heart whether you truly love the other person or not. If its love go forward else just allow the Universe to deliver the best vibrational match for you.

Now this is a very important step for those in love

Love – the power behind creation

Understand this. Love is THE most powerful energy in the Universe. With love you can create anything, win anyone’s heart, mind and soul. Every day for at least 10 minutes sit down and send loving thoughts to your loved one. Imagine you already have a relationship with her. Your lover loves you completely. Now what kind of loving thoughts would you send to your lover.

Imagine a pink ball of energy in between your hands in which you see you already have the relationship of your choice. In this ball you can see you and your lover. This ball can only contain pure and good love energy. Note the words, the thoughts, the kind of relationship you both have in this ball. Now let go of the pink ball. Let it flow away in the Universe.

Let go of any attachment. And if you do it right there will be no attachment now because you are already in a field where you can FEEL the feelings of the relationship and loving your lover. In case there are any doubts Affirm to yourself, “I surrender to my divine light”. “I only have love and gratitude for my divine light”.

Remember this very clearly Intention Manifestation can ONLY and ONLY happen when the feelings vibrational level is high. Desperation is like a deep well, it has a -ve vibration. Love and Gratitude have the highest vibration.

If you do this right your emotions at this point of time should be:

1. zero desperation. You will wonder where it has disappeared?

2. extremely happy because you have created a beautiful relationship and seen and felt it so vividly

3. a perfect happy relationship between you and the Universe where you only and only have Thank You’s for the Universe.

Your perfect relationship will manifest in all certainty. 60,000 thoughts a day is your thought karma. If Love and Gratitude is even in 80% of this thought karma you cannot imagine what a beautiful relationship you will create, far beyond your imagination.

Law of Attraction – How to Attract Your Soulmate

All life is energy. We usually think of energy as a source for heating the furnace in our homes or making the engines in our cars work … like gasoline or electricity; but are not people, human beings, also driven by energy? Of course we are: we take in calories to that the body can process the food (the body's gasoline) into a fuel to make itself go. These are all physical examples of energy at work.

The mind is also a machine of sorts: does not it produce something? Does not the mind produce thoughts? And just like the furnace produces heat through energy the mind produces thoughts through energy but this energy is not physical energy it is metaphysical energy.

Metaphysical? Meta indicates "things above" but in this sense of above we mean "before or first" things. Physical indications the material things as we know. So Metaphysical indications before the physical! We have to think about the things we want before we can have those things: it must be in the mind before it can be in the flesh!

What are some physical things that we want? To have wealth we need to think in a wealthy way, to have love we need to think in a loving way, to have peace we need to think in a peaceful way! The thought, the product of the mind, will always come before the product of the material.

And is not this something we know from our everyday experience? Before we eat Chinese food we have the thought of going to a restaurant, what type of restaurant, how we will get there, and what we will eat. If we want the shirt we first think about the shirt, decide to go to the store, get over to the mall, look through the choices and then pick … the thought precedes the thing (shirt in this case).

However, suppose one did not have the money to buy a very nice shirt they saw at the store. What is one to do? Well the act of seeing themselves mentally wearing the shirt and feeling how good they will look wearing the shirt will activate the law of attraction and draw the resources to buy the shirt into ones experience.

So why would wealth, love, or peace be any different? If you want to manifest any of these things in your life you need to see them first in your mind's eye. This is the amazing metaphysical power of the mind. Your thoughts are the energy that starts the manifestation of things into physical form.

Every thought you think is like planting a seed and every seed brings after its own kind.

Therefore, how can one use the law of attraction in manifesting their soul mate? The first step is to get very definite about the type of person you want to have in your life what will they look like? What type of career will they have? Will they be very educated academically or will they be more practical and self-taught? What type of characteristics will they have?

Now does this mean you are appealing the person you desire and not your true soul mate? Well I believe this is possible, but I also know that desire in its root word means "of the father" so what you clearly desire is actually your souls perception of divine will. In addition, I would interject "this or the person of divine design" when thinking about your soul mate or once you have met a person that fits the bill and you think may be your soul mate.

I actually personally did exactly what I am writing about here otherwise I would not be advising on it. Unfortunately though, I settled for persons that were not what I had in mind prior to the manifestation of my real soul mate. This was a mistake that cost me to suffer in love for many years with the wrong people. But it did help me in many ways to cultivate the practices I needed to have a successful relationship with my real soul mate later on.

Once I was done feeling sorry for myself and done treating deeply from the damage that was created from several dysfunctional relationships I was ready for the real thing. Although I had kind of forgotten my ideas and visualizations of several years prior about my soul mate. My soul mate manifested into my life in one of my dark hours like an angel sent from above.

Law of Attraction – Ethics and Long Term Disability

Just on to day was an article on “The Secret,” the book that has taken the world (literally) by storm outlining what has commonly become known as The Law of Attraction. While there is nothing new about this “Law” – it’s been written about for decades – what is new is the presentation and the popularity in our culture.

So what’s really at issue? Let’s look an example. Not long ago I heard a lady expressing how “The Secret” had changed her perspective – how she was going to use the law of attraction to change her health and wealth. She was pumped and full of enthusiasm. Seems she had been ill for some time and felt that through using “The Secret,” she could attract the funds she needed to seek some desperately needed medical help. On the surface everything seemed reasonable. You attract to you what you seek or what you hold in consciousness. Therefore ask and you will receive, a fundamental tenant of “The Secret” or “the Law of Attraction,” should yield the results that you seek.

“Should” – but here’s there’s more to the story. Seems the person seeking funding for medical care is on long-term disability. There is no doubt that the individual is ill and needs medical attention. But as Paul Harvey would say – here’s the rest of the story. The person in question contracted her illness 20+ years ago. That was not revealed to the company through whom she has long-term disability. In her words, “has they known when I got sick, it would have been considered a pre-existing condition and I would not have received my disability benefit. So I never talk about those early days.”

Wow…my first thought was here was someone who knew that perhaps they wouldn’t qualify for a benefit, but was willing to play the system for personal gain. Would they willing to be honest and accept the consequences? Again, let me make it clear – I don’t doubt the illness – I’m concerned about the ethics of taking what may not be rightly theirs. But the story goes deeper.

While on long-term disability the individual in question found out that the insurance company had her under investigation. It seems that insurance companies are quick to investigate in order to avoid fraudulent claims or payouts. Do insurance companies use ethical tactics in order to find out the truth? Probably not – however, there have been many documented claims of disability when, in fact, it was not 100% true. Does this justify unethical investigational tactics? No, but one could see how that could apply when the rest of the story is revealed.

Let’s take it a bit further. A person who has 100% disability prepares for a trip to a large city in anticipation of a major performance at a world renowned venue. Wait – this is confusing, I thought folks with disabilities – especially 100% were, well let’s say, challenged with strenuous effort. I agree. But let’s look at the facts – packing suit cases, traveling to the airport, boarding a plane, going to the hotel, practicing for hours (in anticipation of the performance), standing for hours (before and during the performance) and then attending a celebration meeting following. Doesn’t sound like someone who is totally disabled.

But there’s more. How did this go undetected by the insurance company? Good question. One suitcase was wrapped up like a gift so that it would not appear suspicious as it was taken out of the dwelling. And, upon return, the disabled individual exited (not at her dwelling), but a ways away – so that she could move behind the building – jump a fence – and sneak in the back door so that anyone watching would not know that she returned. And what about the suitcases. She had them taken to another location so that she could unpack them a little at a time – carrying the contents in grocery bags – again to fool any insurance investigator who might be looking.

“I don’t want them to know I’ve been away. Otherwise, they would follow me and use the trip against me in their attempt to deny my claim,” stated the individual. It appears that the insurance company would contend that she could do some work – and while that might be true – she sure didn’t want to let them know that.

While I will say, yet again, that I don’t doubt her illness – I am amazed at the lack of ethics and integrity involved in trying to dupe the insurance company – thereby, enabling the ability to gain financial benefit.

But what does this have to do with the “Law of Attraction?” There are many “laws” that we live under and through which govern our world as it operates daily. There’s the “law of gravity.” We can’t deny that. Likewise, there is another law – some know it as “You reap what you sow,” or the “law of cause and effect.” Either way, as a motivation speaker, I find that I am called up to speak to groups about the application of this law – as I have lived through both the consequences and benefits of it’s application. I speak first hand on Choices: Negative Consequences – Positive Results a keynote speech that outlines the power we have as individuals based on the choices we make. Further, the presentation, Make It Happen is a keynote presentation outlining the practical application of the “Law of Attraction.”

What seems true is that the laws we speak of work only if they are congruent with other universal laws. For example, the “law of attraction” will not reward someone financially if they rob a bank, as that is in congruent with the “law of cause and effect,” which will generate a negative consequence for the robbery – prison. Similarly, one will not be rewarded with positive results long term through lying.

We do reap what we sow and, generally, on a universal level we have in our lives what we attract to us. In this case (I may be proved wrong – but I don’t think so), I doubt that the universe, through the “Law of Attraction” will provide the necessary funding for the medical care this person seeks – since such attraction would be in congruent with other universal laws. Dishonesty, unethical behavior, or lack of integrity, all combined will produce an outcome that is less than this persons best.

As a motivational speaker who speaks on the “Law of Attraction” as well as the “Law of Cause and Effect,” I feel compelled to share with this individual the truth about the application of these laws. Yet, after several conversations – I’m quite convinced the message won’t be heard. So often we get so caught up in our web of deceit that we can’t see the truth – even when it’s in front of us. More importantly, we may not be willing to accept the consequences of changing our behavior – and at that point, the consequences – when they appear – will be more dramatic than we might ever anticipate. Insurance fraud is punishable by prison – which is not the outcome being sought.

Law of Attraction and Psycho-Cybernetics

There are many recent books that do a great job explaining the law of attraction. Most people don’t realize the law of attraction is always working. Millions of books have been sold explaining the subject, but few people are making the law of attraction work in their favor.

If it were really as simple as some would lead you to believe, everyone would be living their perfect lives. Students of the law of attraction still trying to master the law usually understand it intellectually. They just need to prove it to themselves. Getting the viewpoints of several authors on the subject can often provide that proof needed.

Students of the law of attraction can surround themselves with the writings about the law of attraction that date back over 100 years. Most site obvious classics like “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D Wattles. The book was the basis of the hit movie “The Secret” and most of Bob Proctor’s career has been based on the teachings in that book.

Another law of attraction classic is “Thought Vibration or The Law of Attraction in The Thought World” by William W Atkinson. The book is not as well known as Wattles book, but for some having difficulty with the law of attraction, introducing the word “vibration” may aide their understanding. The word “vibration” was used several times in the movie “The Secret” before it was edited out. Censors felt it seemed to tie the law of attraction to the occult.

The 1960 book Psycho-Cybernetics by plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz is often overlooked by the law of attraction crowd. The book deals with the importance of self image. Dr. Maltz realized that as a plastic surgeon he could remove a scar or other disfigurement, but some people still felt the same. The author came to understand that many more people had inner scars on their self image than had outer scars he could remove.

Maltz realized that people needed to change the way they saw themselves in order for them to really feel different. All they really had to do was change their thinking to change their lives.

Change your thoughts to change your life. Does that sound familiar to law of attraction students? Psycho-Cybernetics is filled with real life examples. Some of the author’s examples are titans of American industry that have left lasting legacies today’s reader will know.

Much of making the law of attraction work for you instead of against you deals with proving it to yourself. That’s why few people are able to implement the law of attraction in a positive way after reading one book. It is often said that the road to mastering the law of attraction is a true journey. Psycho-Cybernetics should be part of that journey.

The Gamma Brainwave and Manifestation in the Law of Attraction

You may have come across various experts and exponents of The Law of Attraction discussing the links between the Gamma brainwave and manifestation. Or, more accurately, the link between the Gamma brainwave and successful manifestation.

So, what are Gamma brainwaves and what is its connection to manifestation and The Law of Attraction?

Gamma brainwaves are the fastest of all the brainwave frequencies (certainly of those that have been successfully and comprehensively studied). Gamma brainwaves typically ranges from anywhere between 28 and more than 80 cps (cycle per second), with each of these cycles comprising an ‘on’ state (a peak) and an ‘off’ state (a trough).

Gamma brainwaves are generally only found to be active in the minds of people undergoing extreme mental stress or other mental activity. It is also prevalent in those who have achieved an unusually deep meditative state. A recent study of Buddhist monks in Tibet recorded Gamma brainwave activity in the region of 40 cycles per second, coinciding with their meditative activities, particularly when they had reached a higher state of clarity and insightfulness.

Given that manifestation calls for clarity of mind and focus, it need hardly be said that the ability to achieve these higher Gamma brainwave states would undoubtedly be of considerable benefit. In fact, there are those who believe that successful manifestation (as defined by The Law of Attraction) is virtually impossible for those who aren’t capable of achieving these higher states.

This explains the recent explosion of interest amongst Law of Attraction devotees in binaural beats, monaural beats, isochronic tones and other brain entrainment systems to stimulate the brain into adopting a particular frequency.

The link between the gamma brainwave and manifestation is likely to become more pronounced as time goes by.