The Law of Attraction – How to Overcome Self-Doubt

You can feel it. It is with you every single day. Sometimes it feels like the thought of a friend almost forgotten. Other times, it feels like you have to accomplish something right this instant. You look around you, and you know this is not where you are supposed to be in life. You see people living a life of love, wealth and freedom, and you know that sort of life is not only what you want, but where you belong.

So you get pumped up, you decide your plan of action and are ready to take it when… You think about all of the people who are already doing what you want to do. There is no way you can catch up. You look around and realize that your circumstances are not ideal like theirs must have been to achieve success. You decide that maybe you just need to settle, do your time and live life to survive.

Sound familiar? This is the debilitating cycle of self-doubt that is actively crippling millions of people. So how can one get past this and achieve the inner desires of one’s heart? Here are two suggestions:

1. Use Other People’s Success as a Model.

The success of others should not serve as a detractor. The universe is infinite. You should look around you and say, “Those people did it, why not me?” Keep in mind that those same successful people struggled with self-doubt as well. This should be an empowering realization for you. Not only are there literally thousands of people who have been where you are and triumphed, but now you can use their experiences to create your own success. Of course, you would do this in the spirit of cooperation, and not maliciously towards another individual. For example, Mike Filsaime is a well-known internet marketer. If I were interested in that field, I would find out what he did and how he did it. I would figure out how much money he makes, and visualize what I would do with that amount of money in my own life. This is a very important sub-point. While you can use others’ success as a template for action, you MUST make the goals personal. The deeper you feel the desire to achieve your goals, the more likely you will be in actually reaching them.

2. Think Back on Past Moments of Victory.

It does not matter who you are. You have had some sort of success in your life. Maybe it was something very small, but there is power in that. If after a moment of reflection you are still struggling to think of anything prolific, look at what you are doing right now! You are actively taking steps against your own issue of self-doubt. You have successfully gotten online, made it through the sea of distracting emails, gotten onto the search engine and looked up “getting over self-doubt”. You have searched through the ads to find this real content and are now reading it. This is a SUCCESS. Now all you have to do is build upon this one step at a time to your ultimate goal. Remember the law of natural growth. You must plant a seed and then nurture it to get the ripe fruit. Your life is no different. Nurture even your smallest victories so that they may grow into the foundation of your ideal life.

While there are many more techniques to rid yourself of self-doubt, these steps will allow you to start achieving the success you have always wanted. Remember, this is a continuous process. It is a process that needs daily, sometimes hourly attention, but it is worth it. Simply focus on success, eliminate self-doubt using these two steps, and take action to create the life you thought would only exist in your dreams.